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Overview:   These projects investigate remote sensing methods applied to climate change research.

Author: Kasey Asberry

Reviewer: Leo Blesius, instructor

Date: SEP - DEC 2008

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Abstract:  The Nile Delta has been formed by the interplay of tidal and alluvial forces since at least the early Halocene.
Within the span of a few human lifetimes the sources of change in the Nile Delta have shifted, affecting the coastal, littoral and pelagic biogeography of the eastern Mediterranean. Since it is such a long and old system results are difficult to predict; for example, how is this shift connected to modification of global climate systems?
Remote Sensing and GIS techniques are increasingly being deployed together to map and model the trajectory of change in the Nile Delta. This paper surveys recent work to identify which indices are most relevant to monitoring changes in biogeography. A simplified application for automated monitoring of these indicators using Remote Sensing and GIS is described.

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