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Human Origins House builds and shares resources for adventurous learning.
See how we work to support Access, Experience and Literacy
in hands-on and blended learning projects.

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Demonstration Gardens

Fosters environmental stewardship through direct experience of nature flourishing in an urban garden. All ages and abilities accessible.

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ThunderPuppets Players

Mobile theatre plays with stories in light and shadow. Inter-generational workshops and performances explore empowerment and agency through collaborative storytelling. Multilingual, all abilities accessible.

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أجنحة الطيور

المجتمع للتعلم
Community of practice and personal learning environment for Arabic as a second language.

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MOST, Mosaic of Sustainable Open Space in SOMA and the Tenderloin

Urban gardeners work together to help make District 6 more livable.

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Cafe Societe

Cultural events collective based in San Francisco and Detroit.

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Cool Island Learning

Knowledge exchange supports cooling urban environments with citizen science and expressive arts.

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